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Utah Drug Rehab and Treatment

Drug Rehab in Utah

Individualized Drug & Alcohol Rehab, Addiction Treatment


Educating yourself about drug rehab is the first step towards helping yourself or a loved one overcome the devastating effects of alcoholism, drug addiction and mental health disorders. While addiction is a very real and overwhelming disease, take comfort in knowing that drug and alcohol addiction are treatable and recovery is achievable. Our greatest satisfaction is helping individuals and families reclaim their health and wellness.

Evidence-Based Drug Rehab

Cold Creek Wellness Center is substantially different from other drug, alcohol and addiction treatment programs.  We combine traditional proven recovery methods with highly specialized therapies to create a unique program and environment where individuals and families can experience healing and lasting recovery. We offer industry leading therapist to client ratios. This individual attention is a proven key to successful recovery.

In addition to alcohol treatment and drug rehab, our therapists specialize in dual diagnosis disorders essential for treating co-occurring mental health issues. We also provide addiction treatment for:  video game addiction, sex addiction, gambling addiction and pornography addiction.

Utah Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Cold Creek Wellness Center offers industry leading alcohol and drug treatment programs, which are the culmination of decades of substance abuse and mental health treatment experience.  Our comprehensive programs include evidence-based treatments and therapies specifically designed around a “whole patient” approach. We provide our clients with the best treatment available so they can achieve and thrive in recovery.

There is no one size fits all approach to treating drug and alcohol addiction and as a result we developed a program that allows us to create individualized evidence-based treatment programs for each client.  With limited enrollment of eight residential clients, our clinical team has the time to give each client the individual attention they need.

On the next page you will learn why choosing a facility for alcohol and drug rehab in Utah that offers “comprehensive treatment” and “continuity of care” can mean the difference between a successful recovery, and continued relapse. Read a more detailed description about our Utah based drug rehab and alcohol treatment process on the “Program Overview” page. In addition learn more about the six primary objectives of our industry leading addiction treatment programs.

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