Spice, K2, Red Dawn X and Blaze…

Synthetic marijuana known by such names as – Spice, K2, Red Dawn X and Blaze – is being targeted at both the state and federal levels.  The federal government’s Drug Enforcement Administration has started a 30-day process to outlaw five chemicals used to make these products. If successful, the process would categorize the chemicals in the same group as heroin and cocaine.

At the state level more than 15 states have or are trying to ban the synthetic chemicals. The Utah legislature is also looking at outlawing Spice through a draft bill that has been unanimously supported by the House Health and Human Service Committee (click here for the committee meeting audio) and sponsored by Representative Gage Froerer. When the bill becomes available you can find it at http://le.utah.gov/asp/billsintro/RepResults.asp?Listbox3=FROERG

Representative Froerer’s bill would not add Spice to the DEA list of controlled substances, but it instead create another list of substances that could be regulated, as needed, thereby allowing other newly created chemical compounds to be included.


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